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Welcome to Bitfinex’s Securities Career Page

We are looking for talented people


Working at Bitfinex Securities Ltd. is an opportunity to directly contribute to evolving technologies in the securities market and become part of a disruptive movement in the financial industry
Offering a world first service requires unique thinkers, creative spirits and a can-do attitude.
Bitfinex Securities is the sum of its parts, to do our best work those parts must work together.
We have big ambitions to change the world for the better. Sometimes that takes strength to lead change.

What makes us unique

Our team, like our products, are world leading.

We’re a team of hardworking, innovative and ethical individuals. We like to challenge the norm and extend possibilities, all while keeping our customers front of mind.

And we’re ready to have you join us!

Our vision

To modernise traditional capital markets and improve access to investing through blockchain technology.

“As a pioneer in blockchain-based securities we aim to be the most liquid exchange in the nascent tokenized investment product space.” 

- Paolo Ardoino, CTO. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to make decentralisation and blockchain technology mainstream.

Making it accessible, usable, and applicable.


By joining us, you'll become a member of a genuinely multicultural company that honours diversity and inclusion.

Bitfinex Securities Ltd. is a remote-first company, meaning it works for anyone, anywhere in the world, in any context. Giving the flexibility for you to manage family, health, hobbies all while pursuing a highly rewarding and challenging role with the world's first regulated tokenized securities platform.

You’ll be able to save valuable time and money, improve your work-life balance, be more productive and be absolutely location independent.

All that matters is results.

Our  unique setup allows us to be resilient and to always provide a consistent and outstanding service with the peace of mind of working from a safe environment.

Why Bitfinex Securities?

Room to grow Work with talented people Transparency and autonomy Open vacation policy Learning-based culture Ultimate flexibility

Apply for a lifestyle

Our team is a perfect balance of analytical, creative and passion.

How could you pass this up?

Each team member at Bitfinex Securities Ltd is a passionate and highly motivated self-starter who is comfortable with autonomy, remote work and believes in lifelong learning.

We inspire, support, work hard, invent, thrive, overcome difficulties and work as a solid team from the birth of a concept to the launch of a product.

We are a remote culture environment with team members of different nationalities globally distributed across almost all continents.

Communication is critical within a remote culture; hence the team is in constant contact to develop, support, and deliver the best investment platform possible to our users.



Currently we don't have any open positions.